Traditional Breyer Horses Accessories

  • Breyer  Kona

    Breyer Kona


    on orders $49+

  • Breyer  Sirocco

    Breyer Sirocco


    on orders $49+

  • Breyer  Brisa

    Breyer Brisa


    on orders $49+

  • Breyer  Sumatra

    Breyer Sumatra


    on orders $49+

  • Breyer  Classics Barrel Racing

  • Breyer  Summer Turnout Set

  • Breyer  Classics Show Jumping

  • Breyer  Livestock Corral

    Breyer Livestock Corral


    on orders $49+

  • Breyer  Brush Box Jump*

    Breyer Brush Box Jump*


    on orders $49+

  • Breyer  Stable Feeding Set

    Breyer Stable Feeding Set


    on orders $49+

  • Breyer  English Horse & Rider

  • Breyer  Country Fair Wagon

    Breyer Country Fair Wagon


    on orders $49+

  • Breyer  New Arrival

    Breyer New Arrival


    on orders $49+

  • Breyer  Barrel Racing

    Breyer Barrel Racing


    on orders $49+

  • Breyer  Show Jumping

    Breyer Show Jumping


    on orders $49+

  • Breyer  Pet Groomer

    Breyer Pet Groomer


    on orders $49+

  • Breyer  Customizing - Arabian

  • Breyer  Red Stable Set

    Breyer Red Stable Set


    on orders $49+

  • Breyer

  • Breyer  English Accessory Set

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